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Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ phenomenal anatomical exhibition is now open at The O2 Bubble, London…

Offer: BODY WORLDS & The Mirror of Time tickets – The O2 Bubble, London – 2 for 1

The world’s most successful touring exhibition combines with one of the world’s most popular venues to present the latest instalment of the groundbreaking anatomical exhibtions from trailblazing scientist, Dr Gunther von Hagens. With over 26 million visitors worldwide, this is an exhibition not to be missed!

BODY WORLDS & The Mirror of Time presents a special feature on the human life cycle. Hundreds of extraordinary anatomical specimens of real human bodies build knowledge and understanding. From individual organs to whole bodies, visitors will discover in dramatic detail how they developed from conception, and how their bodies will change through maturity to old age..

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I have recently booked two theatre shows with Last minute.com and while i was on the date calender seeing which seats were available, the dates kept on triping over, it became really annoying, but as this happened i have got both wrong dates for the shows. I booked Grease for four people in May half term but when the booking reference came through the dates ive got are for the week before, when my little boy has his exams!!

Ive rang and apparently I cannont change these four seats to the next week and found the lady on the telephone really rude when i explained what had happened.

Will not be recommeding you to my friends.

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