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Offer: Two For One

They provide wholesome, generous, freshly cooked traditional family favourites with fast, fuss free, friendly service. Simply order two adult main meals and get the cheapest one free – amazing value, all day every day!

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On visiting the Old Orleans Restaurant in Derby in conjunction with your January February offer which stated ‘open every day 12 noon to 10 pm’ we were amazed to find that on the evening of Monday 30th it was closed for staff training. The only date not in the offer was stated as Feb 14th. This upset our party of 4 who had travelled 8 miles specifically because of the offer. On retreating to the nearby Harvester we were told by the waitress that there were a considerable number of people there who had done the same.

It seems a very short sighted, customer unfriendly thing to do when holding a promotion, but at any time to shut in an evening is a very unusual thing to do. On talking to the other restaurant staff we were informed that training on new menus is not done in the published opening hours.

Please could you let the appropriate people know that they have upset and alienated many people which is the exact opposite of what the promotion intended.

Mrs. S. Boldison, 3 Willowsend Close, Findern, Derby, DE65 6QA

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